Glass's Used Car Market Index

Glass's has launched a major new series of quarterly reports highlighting key price trends within the UK's car market. A central feature of the Index is a statement of the trade value of a typical 3-year-old used car, with comparisons against the previous 12-months and an indication of how we expect this benchmark value to change over the months ahead.

As well as looking at the market as a whole, the Index evaluates inspanidual market sectors, namely superminis (e.g. Ford Fiesta), lower medium (e.g. VW Golf), compact MPVs (e.g. Renault Scenic), upper medium (e.g. Vauxhall Vectra) and executive models (e.g. BMW 3 Series). The result of this analysis is shown graphically for both the current and the preceding year.

The Index also includes analysis of values for 1 and 5-year-old cars, a look at trends in inspanidual vehicle sectors, changes in new car prices, and key facts about the overall UK car market.

Glass's is a well respected provider of impartial used vehicle valuation data. Glass's data is referred to by Courts of Law, Customs and Excise and the Inland Revenue. The Office for National Statistics also utilises Glass's data to assist in determining the new and used vehicle purchase and motoring expenditure elements of the Consumer Prices Index and the Retail Prices Index.

3rd Quarter 2005 - View Used Car Market Index

2nd Quarter 2005 - View Used Car Market Index

1st Quarter 2005 - View Used Car Market Index

4th Quarter 2004 - View Used Car Market Index

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